Q. Where can I get maps of the trails? 

A. Click here for maps of popular hiking trails in our area or of the Wolf Pen ATV Trails.  Topographical maps can be obtained by contacting:  Mena Forest Ranger Office, 479/394-2382


Q.  Are the Wolf Pen Gap Trails always open?

A.  The US Department of Agriculture governs the Wolf Pen Gap Trail system.  You can find current information by clicking here or contacting the Mena Forest Ranger Office, 479/394-2382.


Q.  What is the Whiskey Peak cabin?

A.  The Whiskey Peak cabin is a privately-owned cabin not available for rental that is located at the highest point of the property; please do not venture above the road that runs directly in front of the ATV Cabins office.


Q.  Do you offer camper hookups?

A.  No


Q.  Where can we fish?

A.  Within 7 miles are Shady Lake and the Little Missouri River - the latter is renowned for fly fishing.  Our two ponds are stocked with channel catfish, crappie, Florida black bass, bluegill and redear sun perch and, offered on a catch and release basis only.   


Q. How do I know which cabin it is and how do I get the keys?

A. Depending on how late it is, a caretaker is on-site awaiting your arrival.  Specific cabin locations are listed in the directions, each cabin has a plaque hanging from the front porch with its name and, the cabin will be open with the keys on the hook inside the door – if it’s too late…we’ll just be leavin’ the light on.


Q.  How far are the cabins from each other?

A.  The Savannah cabin is approximately 75 yards from the Old Glory cabin.  The office is further up the road and about 120 yards from the Old Glory cabin.  You can see the layout of the property by clicking here, click on the "Map" tab above the pictures, click on "Satellite" just under the tabs.  The top cabin is the Savannah and the bottom one is the Old Glory.  Follow the road that curves in front of the Old Glory cabin to the right and you will see the office directly below the small pond.


Q.  I am renting the cabin, so I can bring as many guests as I feel comfortable squeezing in right?

A.  No, there is a maximum guest allowance on each cabin - children age 5+ count as guests.  No additional monies will be accepted to exceed the stated maximum guest allowance for any given cabin, for any length of time, for any reason.


Q. What do I need to bring?

A. For you:  Bring any personal articles (ladies?), food and drink items, coffee filters, foil, charcoal, lighter fluid, cooking oil, favorite pillow, videos, extra blankets for watching TV, etc.  Be sure to get your supplies while in town because you won't want to leave once you arrive and, it's a good 45 minutes to town one way.  Also, bring alcohol with you if you imbibe as it's a 4-hour round trip to the nearest liquor store.  The cabins are on filtered well water, so there's no need to bring drinking water unless that is what you prefer.


For Activities:  Fishing equipment and/or any other items conducive to the activities you plan on participating in.  ATV riders should bring extra gasoline, goggles, hair clips, gloves, a jacket and bandana.  If you are not familiar with the area, you may want to consider a compass.  


Remember where you are going to be…in a remote location in the mountains on forest roads where your cell phone probably is not going to work, so it’s a good idea to examine your vehicle tires before you set out and, bring items just in case you have a flat like valve stems, a jack, air tank, etc.


Q. What time is check in?

A. After 4:00 PM


Q. What time is check out?

A. Before 11:00 AM


Q. Can we check in early or check out late?

A. No, due to a one-man cleaning crew; we need adequate time to get the cabin ready for subsequent guests.


Q. Are you pet friendly?

A. Yes - Pet Policy


Q. Can I smoke on your property?

A. Smoking is allowed outside only.  Sand buckets are provided on the front porch for your butts; please do not flick them in the yard.


Q. How do I know if a burn ban is in effect?

A. Click here - choose "Polk County" from the drop down menu or call the Mena Sheriff Office, 479/394-2511 for up to the minute information. 


Q. Where can I rent a four-wheeler?

A. Ouachita Mountain ATV Rentals