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Arkansas - The Natural State

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Athens-Big Fork Trail

Hiking, Mountain Biking


Experienced hikers will rise to the challenge of the Athens-Big Fork Trail which is a historic, 125-year-old wagon trail that crests eight mountains and features spectacular views of the Ouachita Mountains from high points such as Eagle Rock Vista, Brushheap Mountain and Hurricane Knob. A mystical cave and geologic outcroppings along the way adds to the allure.

Buckeye Wilderness Trail

Wilderness, Hiking


A place for solitude and reflection, the Buckeye Trail generally travels a ridge that offers beautiful views from many vistas before it winds down and intersects with the Caney Creek Wilderness Trail.

Caney Creek Wilderness Trail

Wilderness, Equestrian, Hiking


For the experienced hiker, this trail has 13 stream crossings and meanders through a portion of the congressionally designated, 14,460 acre wilderness.

Eagle Rock Loop Trail

Hiking, Mountain Biking


The longest mountain biking trail in Arkansas, Eagle Rock Loop Trail was developed along a 100-year-old postal route and old wagon roads - it crosses the Little Missouri River, numerous creek crossings and travels over nine mountains. 

Leader Mountain Walk-In Turkey Hunting Area

The Ouachita Mountains has the highest turkey population in the state of Arkansas.  All maintained roads leading into this and other walk-in turkey hunting areas are closed to motor vehicle traffic from early spring to late summer, if opened at all, which allows for uninterrupted nesting and brood rearing seasons.  The Leader Mountain Walk-In Turkey Hunting Area is a spacious turkey habitat spanning 9,925 acres of wilderness.

Little Missouri Falls

Hiking, Mountain Biking


Little Missouri Falls is just around the corner with serene waterfalls, fishing, swimming, hiking trails and a picnic area.

Ouachita National Forest

With over 1.7 million acres of pristine beauty, the Ouachita National Forest is the South’s oldest and largest national forest.  Ouachita (pronounced "WAH-shuh-taw") is the French spelling of the Indian word “Washita”, which means “good hunting grounds”.


The Ouachita Mountains are one of only two mountain ranges in the United States that run east and west.


This link provides a wealth of information at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service - Ouachita National Forest site.

Talimena Scenic Drive

A National Scenic Byway in western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma that traverses through the Ouachita National Forest.  The Talimena Scenic Drive spans 54 miles along Arkansas Highway 88 (Hwy 88) and Oklahoma State Highway 1 (SH-1) and, features 22 vistas.  People come from all over the country to see its vast beauty especially when the leaves change in the fall.

Tall Peak Wilderness Trail

Wilderness, Hiking


Another hiking trail best suited for the experienced, the Tall Peak Trail is steep and rugged.

Viles Branch Trail

Hiking, Equestrian, Mountain Biking


The Viles Branch Trail will be of interest to trail riders as it provides a view of the wild and scenic Little Missouri River through the Winding Stairs area, which is known for its unique geological formations and outstanding water features.

Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex

 ATVs, Hiking, Mountain Biking


Wolf Pen Gap is one of the most beautiful of the Arkansas ATV trails, meandering through an array of areas featuring a large forest of pine and hardwoods, mountain vistas and an abandoned mine shaft. The trail loops are interconnected to accommodate riders who want to vary the length of their trip and, intersections are conveniently marked for all levels of rider experience.